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i will take to sun in my mouth and leap into the ripe alive [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
skipping stones across the great unknown

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"...the hints the little symbols of your devotion..." [Jul. 21st, 2006|11:13 pm]
skipping stones across the great unknown
[Current Location |a basement]
[Current Music |fistful of love - antony & the johnsons]

art fair is almost over
i have been working like a dog,
not just labor but also having to look at all that shit
the hordes of fatties with fattie off-spring in tow
and "...on a stick"
the amount of skin shown these days and the tattoo-age
is a bit out of this world, i kind of want to vomit out my eyes
i actually saw with my beady eye a chipmunk/gerbil with rainbow background
tattooed onto this lady's right calf, i snuck up behind her to get a real look
so it's true, i wasn't just wasted

there will be a farewell picnic next friday (july 28th.)
arb (geddes road entrance, field, etc.) at 12noon
theme: "KE and KW crossing the Pond"
bring your sunhats, favorite food
(because it ain't a picnic with out you bringin' the munchies!!)
farewell $$$ and something fun in a jar
that we can bob back to you through the ocean

i will be gone in 12 days for germany, damian, fun, bier
then scotland and not knowing anything, kilts and hopefully
hopefully! ANTONY in glasgow, in concert, september 2nd.
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raylett [Jul. 3rd, 2006|12:19 pm]
skipping stones across the great unknown
[Current Music |swanee river - mr. ray charles]

"i want a little girl, called my own,
she must be someone who's all alone,
i want a little girl to fall in love with me."

i've found my soul brother again, good man Ray
i'm not looking for a "little girl" the song's mood just
speaks so true to the times and flying solo

i've been feeling like a loose thread
i registered to vote but it doesn't even count for me
because of being a first time voter and absentee

i've drunk an obscene amount of tea in the past 4 days
white tea, red, green, black, black, black
boiling water is interesting

so, Ray and i have been living together
i'm the perfect sister for him
i cook and clean, wash and fold laundry
in the presence of his company, i wait for him
it's like the stories, he's a good brother to me.
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''i will take the sun into my mouth and leap into the ripe alive'' [Jul. 1st, 2006|12:04 pm]
skipping stones across the great unknown
[Current Music |outra vez - getz/gilberto/astrud love]

i'll be poppin' around here for another month or so
before germany and scotland so if you want to see me

i'm watching a house currently and hope to fiesta and not get too
crunked with my loverrrs

last night was whack as shit and very summernight and blissful
i walked around like a losers and went to my loser refuge and
bought a livre and walked/sat

my brother was celebrating deutschland's victory of fussball
and had really loud music rappin' from blocks away so we hung out
he told me i was intimidating and that's why we haven't talked lately
but hell we share the same blood so we talked

a walking adventure around the neighborhoods and fire escapes and playgrounds
with my old amigo and friend shermo
he talked about profundo thinsgs and i admired tress and the whack leaf patterns they make on the sidewalks, check it

so now there may be detroit, lake adventures, samba-ing, love, summernights
it will all come to pass

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Bizzzness... [Jun. 16th, 2006|10:54 am]
skipping stones across the great unknown
i am almost free
today and tomorrow
tonight is our final performance of
the tempest
at my school 7:30
tomorrow we graduate and then reception at 3:00 at the ecole
KE and i are having a joint party openhouse on friday the 23rd.
all are welcome 4pm-? bonfire, food, women, music, etc....

hope you all are well and happy
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Picnic!!!!!!!!!cinciP [May. 23rd, 2006|04:19 pm]
skipping stones across the great unknown
[Current Location |my basement]
[Current Music |just like heaven- the Cure]

hello pretties!

it's been ages, but i am alive
and busy as a bee
with all the chilly rain and grey of may
i went to chicago for a 500-some person hindu wedding extravaganza
of a lover-man's brother
it was like a fairy tale with mounds of spicy food, gallons of mango lassi which is my top favorite after sunshine, served by amazingly beautiful indian women in their finest sari-fashion
they looked like a magical ensemble of perfectly arranged butterflies
i received indian silk clothing and was henna-ed and bangle-ed
it was so beautiful...and the bride...oh she was wordlessly lovely

this week is my final week of official school
i am ready to be done, there's is no hate, my wings are just itching
and i'm ready to spend hours looking at a flower instead of homework

this saturday MAY 27th. KE and i are hosting another picnic-party in the ARB from around 12noon till whenever
stop by we will give you love
call me if you need directions, i think we'll be in the same meadow as last year, the large one off geddes road
you and all your clan are invited
bring food if you feel like trading, and there might be a theme if we think of a good one in the next days
i will let ya'll homies know

(liz et annelie i hopehope for you! bring abeRAM and others...)

nice talking to you
till next time
your friend,
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ee [Apr. 20th, 2006|08:22 am]
skipping stones across the great unknown
sonnet entitled how to run the world)

A always don't there B being no such thing
for C can's casts no shadow D drink and

E eat of her voice in whose silence the music spring
lives F feel opens but shuts understand
G gladly forgot little having less

with every least each most remembering
H highest fly only the flag that's furled

(sestet entitled grass is flesh or swim
who can and bathe who must or any dream
means more than sleep as more than know means guess)

I item i immaculately owe
dying one life and will my rest to these

children building this rainman out of snow
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a shout out into spring-ding [Apr. 19th, 2006|08:05 pm]
skipping stones across the great unknown
it's spring and everyone's in love and flowers pick themselves...

yes they do cummings

i'm planning 5,000 picnics
giving old clothing away
sorting through all my shit and hoping to
most of it
i've begun to hate stuff
and buying shit
and being fattie
i just want to smoke dirties with
Frida and hold hands with jesus
and feel spring in my feet/head

i love boyfriends in large quantities
and forget-me-nots and idea of freedom

love too
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j' suis......... [Apr. 10th, 2006|10:43 am]
skipping stones across the great unknown
[Current Location |"Bravo Pour Le Clown" -Edith Piaf]

well well well
life's a gem
and i've been thinking 2 much

italy was color and sunshine
i sketched every day and ran around
and saw beautiful things with mrs. amrine
while the rest class went shopping for leather
i'm proud to say i did not take a single photo
or buy anything except a little jewelry and paper products
and a tiny bright orange glass elephant without a name
he is my love

i must find some money in the gutter now and
sprint though paris to say ciao to buildings and amis
time has flown and i can't believe tomorrow will bring the end

à paris pour moi,,, adieu
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"...and always it's spring and flowers pick themselves..." [Mar. 28th, 2006|10:07 pm]
skipping stones across the great unknown
[Current Music |Le vent nous portera -Noir Désir]

i have hardly any words....
demain at this time i will be in italia
reacquainting myself with my class
it will be a weird event with many questions
ke and i plan to be out of it and give a lot
of vague, vague answers

i plan to talk non
and just use my ears and eyes for italy
eating small crackers and little nips of h2o
will be perfect like little birds
ke will join me and we will be a loving pair
i can't wait

we said goodbye to lena today
our berlin german
doug-you would love her
thin, really pretty, berlinerin, non-fattie
it was really sad, she has been one of our two saving graces
without her we would have been more than total lozerrrs
i will miss her and her beauty

we drank tea with babeth all afternoon
and watched bollywood films and stitched an elephant costume
i bought flowers and walked in the pouring rain
i feel love and the potential energies of thousands of
tiny flowers and leaves
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just a few balloons [Mar. 26th, 2006|07:01 pm]
skipping stones across the great unknown
[Current Music |Baala Maal (Missing You)]

i reacquainted my life with astrud gilberto and slim shady this afternoon
it was a good event with paint and building envelopes for future letters
i let the window/door open to the outside to the sound of children playing in
the garden behind my house and mild damp breezes oh gulf stream
it's finally not too depressingly coldcold and the first baby dafodillies are living

damian visited this weekend
he is tall i am short he is a giraffeboy i am a sausage
we fit well together we laugh and smile and have eyes for each other
ke finally met him which means he's not some crazy person i made up
i was/am reassured of my sanity a bit

last night all the snails and worms were out and about
after the rain shower this means spring is maybe starting
they were so precious
too bad i'm a fattie and stepped on a little snail beauty
i feel terrible i hate being a fattie over snails
i remember when i little and used to touch them and put them
on the palms of my hands and be sticky for years after
i'd wait for them to put their feelers out and see the world
i love snails

no more école fo' me we said ciaociao on friday
for some reason they were surprised and sad that we were leaving
ha! we said goodbye to the crazy young eurythmy teacher and some others
they all had nice things to say to us and a lot of hand waving and
understanding of who we are and thanks that we were here
it was nice to feel understanding and realization
we took a lot of pictures of the école
what makes it so special (the bathrooms, the gutters, lunch)

hope spring is coming your waysssssss
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